What is GiiZ-RITE?

With the range of taste produced by the male ejaculate, Giiz-Rite endeavors to make his semen taste sweet and somewhat fruity. There are many variables to cause a mans taste to be pleasant or objectionable. By consuming Giiz-Rite a man can improve the taste and smell of his semen. The best and most successful plan is a multi day consumption with a careful diet that omits alcohol, meats, drugs.

What Giiz-Rite offers is an idea, a concept. The idea that a person can purchase a bottle or two of Giiz-Rite that will improve the taste of their partner. The identity of the Giiz-Rite logo and its multiple sexual innuendo along with the attractive woman with her streamline body, seductive hair draped look, creates a multi level sexual appeal and titillation. The curvaceous bottle holds the form fitting presence of the woman’s glow. The addition of a multi facetted item to stimulate the sexual interest and pleasant outcome for all, is a winner.

The purchaser can chose from 20 flavors in the current line. Giiz-Rite uses vibrant colors to distinguish the 20 various flavors in the line. The consumer can ‘discover your flavors’ by exploring with their partner. Exploration that can appeal to both, by creating a true interest in the outcome of how Giiz-Rite and the consumers natural chemistry can make ‘that moment’ one of sexual discovery. Each outcome is specific to you! The natural chemistry changes that Giiz-Rite brings can improve the taste and smell of his semen.

There is a normal gestation time of 8-12 hours on Giiz-Rite. So a multi bottle consumption over a few hours would help get things started. The bottle identity on the nightstand is immediate. We are very proud of eye appealing identity of our product, Giiz-Rite is enhancing many components of sensual and sexual interest and it’s no accident our bottles deliver that message!

It is important to store Giiz-Rite in the refrigerator to keep the contents cool. The shelf life is a few weeks if kept cold. User should consume the product fairly fast once opened so his natural chemistry has time to improve your taste. Giiz-Rite will work best with frequent ejaculation, hope that’s ok with your sexual desire!

  • Apple
  • Cherry
  • Orange
  • Grape